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Everything Nice Cookies

Everything Nice Cookies

Valerie Thomas is an experienced baker in the Aurora, Colorado area just outside of Denver. Her company, Everything Nice Cookies, makes all sorts of cookies and baked goods for her customers. She can fulfill orders for events, birthdays, and your sweet tooth. She is a teenage entrepreneur who has actually been Density Design Company’s first client. Upon finding her business I realized the potential it had in increasing revenue and customers within just a few short months, so here is how we made her bakery website.

Valerie has an instagram account under the name of the business where she had linked a google form, and could also share the images of the cookies and sweets she made. After agreeing to build her website, simplicity would be the goal of her new website. After choosing a color scheme to match with her beautiful logo, we built out a single page website that could do the following:

  1. Design a form to fulfill orders online for her company. 
  2. Display the true image and brand of her company.
  3. Display all contact, email, and social information to provide multiple ways to reach her.
  4. Describe the services her company offers.

Utilizing our process we went to work. Understanding the true process and routes needed to take, our initial step was to set up the hosting and domain name. Getting the domain name for her exact company name worked out extremely well. After which we designed and built the website to follow our 4 steps. You can now see the website and understand which company it is, what they do, where they can be contacted, and how to order online. 

In conclusion, this project was extremely exciting and enjoyable every step of the way. You can view the website at