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Latest Web Design Trends

Latest Web Design Trends

Staying current with the latest web design trends has never been so important. With Technology rapidly advancing the effect it has on web design is constantly changing directions. What was “in” last year may have already been improved, proven to be less effective, or become boring already.

This is why our web designers at Density Design Company stay up to date with all of the latest web design and development trends out there to consistently offer a user-focused, optimized, and stylish websites to our clients. Here are 9 of the latest web design trends we use to stay current and competitive with the latest web design fads.

9 Latest Web Design Trends

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #1 Website Speed Optimization and Load Time

It’s no secret that search engines and social media websites have cracked down on websites or links with a slow load time. While a major concern from an SEO perspective (slow load time directly affects your SEO rankings), it isn’t your biggest concern. Your biggest concern is how the load time will affect your user.

Studies show that users expect a website to load between 1-2 seconds. If your website loads slower than that, you will have a bounce rate average of 60%. This means that roughly 3 out of 5 of your audience won’t stick around to see your content. Having your website optimized for speed and load time is will provide you with better rankings, UI/UX, and SEO rankings.

Here is a how our website performs online and a link to our GTMetrix performance report. This is a standard we apply to all of our websites.

GTMetrix analysis of Density Design Company

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #2 Illustrations

Illustrations in web design seem are becoming more and more popular these days. An illustrated web design adds personality and artistic value to your website. It also allows for uniqueness, branding, and a singular voice to be heard throughout the website.

Here is a perfect example of how digital illustration in a web design performs visually, and emotionally.

Latest Web Design Trends #3 Sapiens
Sapiens Website

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #3 Full-Width Content Web Design

Full-width content web design provides an immersive experience for its viewers. Full-width allows for you to display large images and content that fits into the boundaries of your screen. Simply put, it allows you to see more!

Full-width in web design is perfect for people who want a visually appealing way to display galleries, images, or sectioned content. A perfect example is Starbucks’ website.

Starbucks Website

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #4 Parallax in Web Design

Parallax used correctly in web design has become quite the fad this year. Parallax allows you to add dimension to your pages by controlling the speed in which elements move while scrolling. It provides a unique experience within pages that really makes a website pop.

Parallax has become more and more popular as designers have found new ways to make a website stand out. The experience has to be seen in person to truly get the feel.

Okalpha website

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #5 Layered Hero Images

A layered hero image is another good way to add style and dimension to your hero image. A hero image is an essential part of your web page. It provides the first glimpse of your website, and has the purpose of keeping the viewer on your page.

Adding layers to your hero image has become more popular because it allows you to add more emotion, depth, and branding to your image. A common way to integrate layers into your hero image is Slider Revolution.

Our web design page using Slider Revolution

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #6 Vector Graphics

The use of vector graphics is still a common trend, and I don’t think it ever will not be. Vector graphics use a mathematical formula to describe the images scalability instead of using pixels. This allows for the graphics to be scaled to sizes while staying a clear image.

A common vector graphic format is SVG (scalable vector graphic), and is typically used for custom icons, logos, and more.

Fjaka latest web design trends #6
Fjaka Website

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #7 “World Of White”

A “world of white” style refers to design that uses white space as the major color effectively. Using a lot of white space can make or break your web design, but is a growing trend due to the simplicity, and clean look it brings to viewers. It also allows for subtle a color palette to stand out when it needs to.

Effectively using white space throughout your website not only provides a clean design, but it also helps format content, make content eligible, and it makes your CTA (call-to-action) pop!

Quarry Design Group Latest Web Design Trends #7
Quarry Design Group Website

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #8 Video Heros

Another web design trend increasing in popularity is the use of videos as the hero. Adding a video in your hero is a good way of explaining what you do without content. Since a hero image gives the first impression it can be a great tool for sending your message in a clear and personable way.

BMS Latest Web Design Trends #8
BMS United Website

Latest Web Design Trends: Trend #9 Color Psychology

The use of color psychology in web design seems to be the new norm. Studies show that a certain colors have an emotional associations on viewers. A simple comparison is the color red can signify strength or danger, while the color green can signify growth and empowerment.

When used correctly in web design color psychology can help with branding, trust, and an memorability.

Greenhouse Latest Web Design Trends #9
Greenhouse Website

We expect to utilize these trends in our upcoming projects. At Density Design Company, we don’t just create websites, we create digital experiences that empower the business and its’ users. If you would like to talk more never hesitate to contact us about your websites needs, we’ll be sure to deliver.