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Cleaning Service Website Design

About the project

Looking for a cleaning service website in Colorado? Here’s how we built one.

Estefania’s House Cleaning is a cleaning business that services the North Metro Denver area and owned by Fany Rushford. We initially discussed Fany’s needs for a website and the potential for gaining new clients online. We were extremely excited for this project, and immediately started brainstorming the process and end goal. Here was our process for her cleaning service website.

First Day

Our first step was to create the logo for the business. With a few examples of the style for the logo provided by Fany we understood the look and feel she was going for. View Estefania’s House Cleaning Logo Design. After completing the logo, we moved on to our second step. Our second step was to purchase the domain name and set up hosting for her new website. After a few tries, we found a url that worked perfectly for her business’s name:

Second Day

Our second day consisted of our design process. We break this process down into a few different categories. The first category was finding a good color palette that consisted of three well-matching colors. With a light blue, fun and colorful logo, we wanted to create the layout and UI/UX design with the same look.

The next step was photos! Since Fany didn’t have photos ready for the site, we used beautiful stock photos from Pexels for the time being. Fany expressed the need to easily be able to add photos to their site, which we of course would allow for in our development process.

Our final step with the design was the UI/UX layout. We created an intuitive layout and funnel designed specifically to drive a customer towards their free cleaning service estimate. Which in turn, would have a better chance of conversion.

Following Week

For the following week we implemented our design strategy. WordPress is perfect for small-business websites because the backend is super easy to use, which would give the functionality she desired. After the design was implemented, and we were happy with the look and functionality, we finished with copywriting.

This project was insanely fun to work on. If you’re looking for a small business website, we have the skills to get you up and running online in no time. We develop a custom strategy for every website we make, this way our clients get exactly what they want! My name is Dan Leash, I’m the owner and founder of Density Design Company. It’s our goal to provide you with complete satisfaction in everything we do, while empowering your digital atmosphere. Questions, comments, or concerns? Reach out to us and we will be sure to get you some answers.