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Search Engine Optimization

Let's get you the traffic you deserve!

Hello world,

My name is Dan Leash and I’m the owner of Density Design Company, a full service web development agency located in Broomfield, Colorado!

My goal is to help businesses across the world get the online traffic they desire. We aim to empower your business’s online presence through quality web design, development and SEO services.

What if you could rank #1 in any search engine for a business related search for your service or product? We’re talking thousands of unique sessions from your targeted audience on a monthly basis. That’s why SEO is so important to us. With our team at your side, you’ll have the ability to focus on what you’re best at.

We are true believers in reverse engineering. We take a look at the competition first, deriving a unique plan to overcome them in rankings from the real data we gather online. Our goal isn’t simply to compete, we want to help you CRUSH your competition. We’re winners. You’re a winner. Let’s win together!

Search Engine Optimization
If you're looking for search engine optimization services to skyrocket your monthly organic traffic, you've come to the right place. Imagine the success of your business if you were the first result when someone typed in your product or service in Google! Your organic traffic would skyrocket providing more conversions, sales, and direct communication with your targeted audience. We practice what we preach here because we know what works and what doesn't. With our built out custom monthly strategy we will have you making step by step improvements on your SEO so that you can get higher rankings faster than anywhere else. Reach out to us today for a free SEO consultation, and we can compare you to your competitors with factual data.
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The best investment you could make for your business
Search engine optimization is an investment, and like all investments it takes time before you see the huge returns. That being said, the more you put into your SEO the better the return will be. Our goal is to get you ranking higher than your competition in search engines, and to do that we have to put more into SEO than they are. Any amount of money spent on SEO is a good thing, but if you're spending $200 a month on SEO, and your competition is spending $2,000 a month how will you ever catch up?
Why lease traffic with paid ads when you can own the first result spot in Google whenever someone searches for your product or service for free? It's been proven that paid ads are largely ignored by most people, and that most users will scroll past ads every time! Building SEO and increasing your rankings essentially provides you with free advertising for life.

So Why Us?

We’re different from other agencies. We practice what we preach, which means we won’t tell you to do anything we’re not already doing ourselves. Many agencies promise results, but don’t provide them. They take advantage of their clients lack of knowledge on SEO. For us it’s different. We want to create and maintain a lasting relationship with our clients, empowering them to consistently grow and succeed in their market. Here’s our process.

Step 1

Schedule a call

Schedule a call with us to talk about your business! We will provide an in-depth analysis of your websites current SEO in comparison to your competition’s SEO.

Step 2

Plan of action

Based off the data we gather, we create a custom strategy for your SEO to get you higher rankings. This includes landing pages, keywords, backlinks, and more.

Step 3

More traffic!

With our custom strategy in play, we will have you ranking higher for choice keywords. Here come the sales, conversions and traffic you desire.

SEO Launcher
Our SEO jumpstart is the foundation for your website's SEO strategy. When best SEO strategies aren't in place we recommend this service to get you on track. This includes headers, meta tags, meta descriptions, image optimization, website speed, alt-text, titles, and more.
SEO Basics Plan
Our basic plan includes all the essentials to making your business rank higher in search engines. This service includes a website audit, on and off page SEO, link building, indexing with search engines, a custom SEO growth plan, and monthly reporting.
SEO Custom Budget Plan
This plan includes all of the same options as the basic plans in according to your budget. Based off of your budget we will increase the workload for each subject. More time equals more keywords, more landing pages, increased content, and more dedicated hours to your SEO plan.


What is SEO?
SEO is the optimization of your website for a search engine like Google, so they can find your targeted audience and suggest you as a result. It's the process of growing the quality and amount of organic traffic to your website by making your website more visible to a search engine. A search engine must "crawl" your site so that it can make an assumption of what your content is about and who they should suggest it to.
How does SEO affect my business?
Quality SEO provides your business with increased targeted traffic. For example, let's say your business is a plumbing business in Denver, Colorado. When someone searches "plumbing company in Denver" you could be the very first result, listed. With bad SEO, a search engine will not recommend you in the results leading to a loss in sales, and conversions.
What SEO plans are available?
We offer a SEO jumpstart plan which includes headers, meta-tags and meta description, and all images SEO optimized to have alt-text, titles, etc. This is the foundation for all websites to be SEO optimized from the beginning. Other than that we offer monthly plans based off an hourly rate. We allow you to chose how much time goes into your custom SEO needs,
Will you get me to #1 on Google?
Our SEO team will do our best to get you the highest possible rankings. Getting the #1 spot on Google is a great feat, but it is better to focus on chasing specific keywords for your overall SEO. If it is possible to take you to the first result we will do everything we can to get you there.